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The Sweet Adventures of Henry P. Twist
by B.W. Van Alstyne

A Scrumptious New Faerie Tale Adventure Awaits!

Automation and greed have forced master pastry chef - extraordinaire, Henry Peppermint Twist, out of a job at the Brackmeyer Sweets factory and into a dreary retirement home in the countryside. But he soon rediscovers his youth in a land where faeries, myth and magic abound and everything is made of sweets.

With the aid of his human and his faerie comrades, Henry takes on a formidable gingerbread-man army led by his ex-boss and nemesis, Charles B. Brackmeyer Jr.; a vindictive and greedy man who will stop at nothing to destroy the successful little sweet shop that threatens to crumble the Brackmeyer family empire.

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