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An Urban Account of A Visit from Santa Claus

by B.W. Van Alstyne

"An urban take on the timeless, 200-year-old Christmas classic, The Night Before Christmas, originally known as "Account of a Visit from St. Nicholas or Santa Claus."


"It was some kind of Christmas, I was eleven years old, an eve that stood out so bright and so bold..."


An Urban Account of a Visit from Santa Claus is a new contemporary version of Jolly Ole' St. Nick's toy-filled sleigh ride that's sure to become an instant classic. Starring a now very dapper and fit ebony Santa Claus dressed in his fur-trimmed red suit, stylish buckled boots, and full white beard, he travels across an urban cityscape in a sleigh pulled by eight new reindeer. This eyewitness account of an 11-year-old boy is sure to delight families for years to come.

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